Founder’s Biography

Author Biography


History of ‘Verla Frankline N.’ Chairman, CEO & Founder of CHARITY LIONS WORLDWIDE (CLWW) & Verla Charity Foundation Inc  (VCF Inc) USA

Origin: Africa,   Country: Cameroon

Residence: United States of America(USA) FL

Born 18th January 1990 in Ntsiembang village under Jakiri District, Bui Division North West Region of                   Cameroon in Africa

1994 – 2001 Catholic Primary School Noi-Visombo

2001 – 2006 Saint Sylvester’s catholic Comprehensive High School Sop (Ordinary Level Certificate)

2008 – 2009 Atlantic Bilingual(French&English) High School Douala Cameroon(High School Diploma)

2009 – 2011 University of Yaoundé 1 Ngoa Ekelle Cameroon-Capital

2012 – 2-13 Dubai United Arab Emirates, UAE (First international Job in ARMADA GROUP UAE)

2013 – Till today United States of America (Second International Job in THE OPIUM GROUP)

2014- 3rd international Job with SBE company at HYDE BEACH

2014 – Present Miami Dade College (Bs RN)

Born in Verla ‘s Family with Mr Valentine Verla as the father and Mrs Mary Dzeben as the Mother, 2 elder brothers V. Betran & V. Edmond with 2 Junior Sisters V. Honorine & V.Helen definitely in the middle number 3rd child in a family of 5 kids and parents all together 7 family members alive and active.

Born in the Anglo-Saxon part of a Bilingual country Cameroon English is my originally Language but I went to a bilingual high school and my University studies was in French ending me a French understanding & a French Speaker.

Primary School Life(Early Life)

Primary school live was the toughest one, every morning trekking to a neighboring village across mountains 7 – 8 miles away because by then my poor village has got no school, I remembered many days running up & down in hills away from aggressive cows hahahahaha so too was going to school with bare footed without shoes, Uniforms turned and 2 holes on the pants, no choes and at times send away from school for School Fee but will have to wait parents harvest and sel after a next market day before one goes back to school then if not the parents have to wait for the next meeting day where they can borrow money from the group or from friends since there are no banks definitely no Bank Accounts, well such was the life experienced by nearly every family and children not only me. If we saw a car every kids start running behind shouting (motuuuu motuuuu motuu !!) till the car goes away every one lustfully looking at it even parents at times, every week end on Saturdays was farming time to join the parents in farms, we have loved to do farming since that was the only occupation to our parents.

Secondary School Life

After 7 successful years in primary school with First School Leaving Certificate in 2001, I left to the College in St. Sylvester’s High School Sop and left by 2008

This was one of the most confused moments in secondary school I meet with kids from the city speaking in good English some of which could speak French as well, but poor me from the village, I only knew how to say good morning Sir hahahaha then I knew just a bit of ‘Pidgin English’ referred to as ‘Bad/broken English’ in Cameroon(West Africa) definitely I knew the dilate very well but the Pidgin/Bad English and the  dilate was seriously prohibited from the school premises then I had always to be silent and I was laughed at when I made many mistakes should in case the teacher points me up to answer a question, one best thing was that I was never shy and I learn never to give up even when I was a kid, after the first year in secondary school I had some friends and with social interactions in school games in classes, singing choir etc I could express in English and I passed my exams to next class and before the 3rd year I was already a giant in English speaking just Grammar

High School life

2006 – 2009 Normally supposed to be 2 years course but I took 3 years

Started in Same school as secondary school but with many friends I did not succeeded after the 2nd normal year and I have completed my high school Level in Atlantic Bilingual High School Douala 2009 with Honor in Science & an awesome ‘A Grade’ in Biology and followed Chemistry grade

University Life

(Survival of the Fittest was the description)

I was admitted in 2009 to the Capital  University of Yaoundé 1 Cameroon where I studies Animal Biology both in French & English and this was the time exactly I learn French in Writing and speaking but I had no choice, I just had to adapt since everything was taught in French,

Life way from parents in the city was survival of the Fittest with many problems again from the poorest home I started part time Jobs in Hotels and Security Jobs …. many lowly paid jobs etc … just to earn a leaving and do studies, I had also written many concurs like School of Medicine etc in 2010 I passed ENS but Final results did not total the list, though still a student but I lost hopes and faith and by 2011 the only hopes in my mind & Brain was finding greener pastures out of Africa 2012 Dubai(UAE) was the answer




International Life introduction (Out of Africa)

Landed in Dubai January 22nd 2012, I was a bit smart since I survived the fittest in Africa and by February 6th 2012 I got my First international Job in UAE – Dubai JLT in ARMADA GROUP in a loving family of Armada I was happy and taught I was an everlasting and believed it was the best for me, though by 2013 I had lots of responsibilities looking after my junior ones and the parents (The family) it was very difficult for me as the money I earn could not take care of all

Behold the January 2013 I discovered I won American permanent Resident I had applied Since 2011 when I was in Africa Cameroon, then by April 2013 I took a normal Annual vacation back to Africa, though I doubted but the American Department of State Immigration send me proofs I was through I had the permanent resident and then by 2nd August 2013 landed in New York but Florida looks more good to me the first day in Florida the first day I had a Job, August 23rd I had all needed to start  working and behold ‘THE OPIUM GROUP’ all Thanks to my great friend I have seen in Dubai Melitsa Waage She assisted me a lot more than I can tell she became the great icon behind my success and she gave me a lot of assistance since life in USA was too expensive than I could afford couple to the fact that I was new in USA but to remembere she sheltered me, till I was able to take care of myself

How and why I increase or legalized the level of my Charity to the extent of having a Big Charity Organisation & Foundation ?

Melitsa’s Help to me in a Land where I knew no one taught and gave me many more lessons beyond my previous reasoning’s, I learn “nothing saves in life than charity”(Ni Hill Salvat Nissi Caritas), secondly my job offered me much money 10 times more than what I used to make in Dubai-UAE in a month but only for 2 week meaning my 2 months’ salary in USA could be my 2 years salary in Dubai and my 4 years salary in Africa, with my humble heart I was not going to pay Melitsa by cash neither do melitsa need a payment nor reward from me as she helped me from her heart, I knew an increment in charity for me will be a better way to say I am happy for I have lived to see total and drastic changes as a living Testimony from Grass to Grace. Note here that i am not rich as American will normally be but enough better than what I could have been if I was in Dubai or worst still in Africa.

I remember when i was in Africa secondarily to university years doing community works, visiting the sick and the old, sharing little boxes of matches, bathing soaps, cooking oil and cooking salts. I went to a Mission Christian school all my time where i learn Charity was best way to show love to the abandon and needy !!!

I decided to Thank God as a Humanitarian, I offer in my life to help the poorest villages & many underprivileged poor kids & orphans and abandon children  with much inspiration from Melitsa W. in the following sectors:

  • Education / Scholarship
  • Clean-Water Projects:
  • Hygiene and Sanitation:
  • Development:
  • Environment:
  • Volunteering:
  • Workshops
  • Etc……..



My worst time ever, Regrettable moments

Like any other human being, there are good times likewise bad moments, listed below are those which almost took my life away:

  1. 2003 – 2006

As a junior football player in 2003 I had an internal right arm upper limb bone Fracture, till today, I have never ever understood the type of fracture this was even my doctors but the healing was a miracle after 4 years in pains diagnosed of ‘osteomalacia’  after 3 surgical operations all in vain I was send to physiotherapy for counseling in preparations for amputations, then that was the time I knew I was already a death person as I taught I was cancer probably I knew it was already in my heart, Brain and many organs, I remember telling my parents to forget about me since I was going to die and my parents cried beside me day and night but since I love schooling a had to start writing with the left hand. All thanks to God in 2006 an automatic healing took place like I couldn’t belief but gone was the pains I had for more than 4 continues years.

  1. 2013 may to August

After back from Dubai to Africa pursuing prior to my departure to America I had one of the bloodiest hart-attacking situation with someone so closed to me that took me financially bankrupt that if not by the grace of God I could have missed my journey to USA due to visa expiry as I had no money to pay the flight in a midst of many problems the situation caused me into, all thanks to my Dear poor parents/parents selling a family house in the city and some of my good friends helped and liquidated some of my properties and finally I had just my flight money I wanted behold a month before visa expiry I was in United States of America till today I have never heard anything from these closed person who caused this big problem but my parents will never have their home in the city again except I construct or buy them a different home. Till today I still suffer from Hypertension in my young age since 2013 as a result of that problem.

My Best moments

Like a human being with many worst moments I also had some extra best occasions short listed below:

  1. 2006 when I had my GCE O. Levels 9 papers out of 11 (This end of secondary school certificate permit me to start my High School Diploma courses)

Even though I was sick but because I was a bit intelligence I had every year promotion to the next class (Form 3 I did only 1st Term, Form 4 I did only 2nd Term and came to form 5 by second term prepared wrote my GCE & had the best results

  1. 2008 I had my son (Desire-Randy) today he is  7+ years old
  2. 2012 in Dubai I had good moments
  3. 2013 in America I will never forget because it’s the life I live today & probably what has given me broad mind, thinking and reasoning like as a Humaniterian


From the first day I ever left my poorest village to the city in my country & after moving (from my country)  around the world in developed countries and in great cities I discovered underdeveloped countries most of all underprivileged poor villages were almost in hell while on earth in the 21st century, though the same conditions I grew up where a sound of a vehicle was heard once a month and rice eaten only on Christmas & New Year day(1st of January) so too new clothes were bought once a year on Christmas day which many at times was the school uniforms in order to save the school need after the feast with all that I grew in poverty in a less developed country and in the poorest community, my parents were & are poor peasant Farmers, with 5 kids where I occupied the 3rd position with 2 elder brothers and 2 junior sisters, behold January 18th 1990 sun rise but never set till date. I saw misery & I have seen and witness many deaths due to poverty & negligence(lack of education) definitely from same conditions I have lived in poverty up to 20 years and a break through give me more reasons to look back to many villages, communities & countries with same critical conditions, honestly I made charity not because I have much, not because I am the riches person but just because I know from experience how it feels to have just nothing !

Immediately I moved from the village when I was in final year of High School in 2008 I saw a little smooth life in the Capital city(Douala-Cameroon-Africa) than as compared to the village, I told my poor parents I saw heaven for the 1st time after a successful study  in 2009 I left for the University of Yaoundé 1 in the Capital city of Cameroon,  while in the capital city I saw heaven for the 2nd time I told my poor parents in the village, then my mind started thinking about the village poor situations not only for my parents but for the whole villages I had passed by. In 2010 I had hopes but in 2011 I was like hopeless because I saw Misery in many parts of the country when I must have moved all over Cameroon especially in 2010 I was in north region heavily stroked by Cholera and many died. After all this I was inspired to go out for greener pastures (The Dream) by 2011 ending I had arranged everything & behold 22nd January 2012 I landed in Dubai-UAE where I told my Parents I almost saw God definitely I saw Heaven for the 3rd Time, then started my first Job in ARMADA GROUP UAE this time was Hospitality Sector and by 2013 I got my American Permanent resident  left Dubai in April 2013 back to Africa Cameroon for 3 months I had many visit to poor schools in underprivileged villages this time I cried  because I saw not only kids in misery but everyone (Teachers, Kids, Villagers) all in poverty, many poor villages with no clean water, not infrastructure, no Toilets, no roads, lack of all basic facilities I cried aloud like a man at the age of 23 and by August 2nd 2013 I landed in USA New York where I finally rested in Florida till date, then in USA I told my Parents for the 4th time I have seen the real Heaven USA

Note: within the transition period I have moved via many countries as well…France, UK, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc

The hard and poverty condition of my family made me so hardworking since I was a kid and  with the teachings from the open handed poor parents they taught us to be kind, sociable, generous and charitable and with the Christian education I attended I grew all together in good faith Charity was and became part of me and in the university even though I had lots of financial problems I have learn to help 1 or 2 kids to pay school fees and after landing in USA in 2013 with a confused & stressful mind, that the most generous heart of Melitsa Waage my friend  since from  Dubai, got myself calm & less stress and that moments, I discovered there is no powerful gift on earth greater than charity to those in need most often the underprivileged. She inspired me in a great style and within me, I promised to do more charity behold I became a ‘REAL MAN’ then in 2013 legalised a Charity Foundation in USA as VCF Inc(Verla Charity Foundation Inc) behold I had a team back home in Africa already (GM, Directors, advisers, volunteers …. Etc ) assisting me in all selections and in VCF projects award ceremonies and all VCF affairs in Africa while I work the moneys in America from my Job and hence I had 250 kids  both underprivileged poor Orphans and vulnerable kids beside kids from very poorest homes, and VCF Inc awarded them Education Scholarships and many school items awarded (All the finances was from my salary I got from my Job in USA) in 2014 the list increased to 300 kids ready to go back to school with scholarship awards by VCF this time I started creating awareness and many good friends gave me lots of advices and I considered all good advices blessed became more hopes for the kids as I have always said I am their father and mother though still single, I have delayed my marital life because I want to see 500 underprivileged kids succeed in life because of VCF and many underprivileged poor villages drinking clean water  beside many developmental educational programs not different from environmental & Global warming programs, Agriculture, Rural Development, Health Sectors and major Educational institutes……

By latest 2014 came the website encouraged by many friends who wanted to support my charity works to help spread the message and donate for the cause.


Those who stood beside me in my worst time especially in sickness

My Dearest Bilogical Family (Father & Mother, brothers: V. Betran & V.Edmond)*****

Rev Father Tobias Wirmum

Mamma Josephine Yuwong*******

Mamma Ester Yovla

Mamma Rose Bonwong

Grand Ma’a Adeline Bihtila

Those who helped me out when I was confused they inspired and directed me to the right place

Melitsa Waage *****

Sendze Odette** & Moura Fonyuy*

Good friends I ever had that along my Transitional journey

Mr Youla Emile F.*** The only friend who stood beside me from secondary school & till Dubai-UAE

Bronhilda S.***

Olivia Senghor

Mr Breat (Bret22)

Wadl’s Family(Jennifer***** & her Parents) Many Thanks to Jennifer Wadl till present

The list continues and may never ends

Much thanks to those presently helping me to reach out to the poorest communities

great thanks to Mr. Ash Armand @ our great partner

Thanks in Advance to our future partners.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY OF Mr. Verla Frankline N.

Chairman, Founder & CEO

1. Charity Lions Worldwide (CLWW)

2. Verla Charity Foundation Inc USA (VCF Inc)