Tapang Ivo’s Speech in Pidgin English

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A Cameroonian Fulbright scholar Mr. Tapang Ivo T. a brilliant solution oriented critic, more of a liberationist, a nationalist speaks on a common language(Pidgin English) which almost 90% of the marginalized Anglophone Cameroons (West-Cameroons) can hear and comprehend very well than English & French. He could speak & write in many languages including English & French. The current president is fluent only in French.

His speech literally & indirectly serves as a punch on the government desk asking for dialogue on the current crisis in a round table. The government has for long now since refused to come to dialogue table to sort out a long lasting solution but instead used violence and brutality with their police force to shut down the angry protesters. This almost sparked a revolution after almost 10 youths were shot and killed in bloodshed by the Regime forces of law and order.  Their method which went wrong is criticized worldwide as an inhuman treatment in the 21st century and lack of responsibility on the hands of the government.

Advocacy for peace and good governance with accountability to it citizens are all the brilliant scholar have been advocating and  begging the government to treat her citizens with love and respect. He has since posted  many strategies and many solution orientations the government could use peacefully in handling crisis with much credibility to his research based on statistics and empirical studies and analysis. Following him more than 2 years ago, what is happening in Cameroon now is exactly what he saw and revealed in the past years. Everything he said came true. The government wouldn’t listen and now wondering if the government have started listening !

January 2nd 2017 could be the deal day after the said to be the World’s largest peaceful protest in history from all parts of the world including Cameroons to let the world know that Cameroon government has failed to respect humanity  for more than 54 years now and has instead used vandalism and brutality to shutdown marginalized West- Cameroons citizens.

why you have to believe in the Scholar:

He is  not paid for all he do. He instead use his time and materials to advocate and free his own marginalized people of West-Cameroons.

He fly from state to state in USA, to meet with world’s renounced organizations to reach out for solutions to help set his people of Southern Cameroon  free. All these at his own expense and time.

2 solutions demanding on the dialogue table: Either,

1). Return to a 2 States Federation (Unity) or

2). Secession (Let my people go)

God is always saying something

Written by: Verla F (CEO VCF Inc. FL, USA)