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Verla Frank Bio

Mr. Verla F.

“We learn to donate & help the under privileged poor orphans, vulnerable kids, poor communities. Not because we have more & much to give and offer, but because we know and can imagine how it feels just to have nothing in life!

Charity Lions Worldwide, a group of volunteers changing the lives of underprivileged orphans, vulnerable poor kids & poor communities to reality. Thanks for your Generosity, Help & Donations

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Sponsor Kids under CLWW


Our Scholarship Awards 2013/2014 Africa-Cameroon NW Region


Sponsor an orphan, Vulnerable kid & underprivileged children under CLWW as a “Charity Lion”

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can bring change & development”

Nelson Mandela !

Donate Clean Water

Water is Life !!

There is more joy for some one wha is sure to drink clean water at lease for a day. let's help communities  in need of clean water to donate and construct them good water supplies.

There is more joy for some one who is sure to drink clean water at lease for a day.
let’s help communities without clean water Donate and construct them good clean water supplies .

Sponsor a clean water project for a village, donate clean water to a school. Sponsor a Bore Hole (a Well of water) to a school and villages.

We have 10 villages in need of clean water after 2 years of surveys,

Tzenkov Village with close to 835 inha strongly need and source of clean water

Ntsiembang village, Bell village etc

They need clean water

They need clean water, the picture speaks for itself !!


Home is Origin ! We cannot escape from it

Africa is Home, I cannot escape from it, I did farming too

For all her life, she did farming

As African Rural woman farming is her occupation

Empowering parents and family in Backward villages on how to use the available land to cultivate and made up with their needs is one of our major activities. We also do farming in other to assist us with part of the feeding for the orphans, part of the products are sold and money use to made up with some financial needs(Pay hospital bills for the kids, supply them with books, uniforms ….. etc )

Help us to accomplish many tasks, we need always good farm tools to donate to the villagers and the farm lands are very infertile, we need fertilizer to increase soil fertility in other to boast harvest.

Afforestation & Reforestation

Programs against Global warming reducing Green House effect. We do tree planting and we encourage and sensitise the villagers on best ways to harvest and replace plants, usually the campaign is “Cut one tree & Plant two trees” also replanting many trees in new Lands and in old land as well.

Training the Farmers on best farming methods advicing them on the dangers faced by the world on Bush burning and discouraging any type of farming with use of fire as it doesn’t only pollute the Air but also the soil

This also helps much in reducing desertification and gives the our glob a friendly ans fresh Atmosphere free from toxic gasses and pollution